Professional Website Construction Services

Beautiful Design, High-Speed Stability, Multi-Screen Adaptation, and Flexible Expansion.


Thirty style options available, with the ability to change styles for free every year. Fifty modular components for flexible combinations, enabling the rapid creation of hundreds of styles.


Since 2008, we have been focusing on building official websites for companies in the fields of film, advertising, media, design, and more, addressing pain points for clients in these industries.


We have served over a hundred enterprises, with collaborations lasting for more than a decade with many users. We have witnessed the success of our clients and grown together with them.


Twenty-four-hour monitoring of website operations. Immediate handling of any unexpected situations to ensure the stable online presence of user websites.

Becoming a client of ADSWORLD allows you to share industry resources with 80,000 film and television professionals in the MXDIA Creative Community.


Multiple pricing plans are available to meet the personalized visual and functional needs of various users.


¥ 2200
  • 30 styles to choose from.
  • Multi-screen adaptation
  • 100Mbps bandwidth/global acceleration
  • Anti-theft video server
  • One-stop service
  • First-year construction fee: ¥1800


¥ 2800
  • Module free combination
  • Color structure variability
  • Multi-screen adaptation
  • 100Mbps bandwidth/global acceleration
  • Anti-theft video server
  • One-stop service
  • First-year construction fee: ¥3500+


¥ 6900
  • Tailored design customization
  • Freedom to expand
  • More business marketing tools
  • 100Mbps bandwidth/global acceleration
  • Online video transcoding and playback
  • First-year construction fee: ¥8000+

Standard Package: Choose from existing styles, replace text and images directly, quickly go online, economical and affordable.

Business Package: You can choose freely combine modules provided by us and adjust the layout structure as needed. Flexible and versatile, with a large range of choices, more cost-effective.

VIP Package: Enjoy full-process VIP customization services, from design to functionality, personalized customization, and full-scenario functional support.


Experienced technical and design team, providing precise services for clients.

Design Team

Graphic deisgner

Deeply versed in the principles of website UI design, familiar with various visual design trends, adept at communication, and leveraging rich experience in applying internet technologies to provide clients with structural planning, content organization, and post-operation solutions.

Development Team

Program development

Venturing into the vast world with just one line of code, enriched with extensive experience in internet technologies, familiar with various development language frameworks and media processing techniques. Proficient in coding, effective communication skills, and committed to providing clients with suitable technical solutions.

Operations Team


Standardizing server operation and maintenance processes, with years of experience in high-load projects. Insight into every detail of upload, backup, and distribution, providing users with optimized IT resource combination solutions, ensuring the stable online presence of client websites.

The way is simple, communication is equally simple: just one website address.

The website serves as the company's digital business card for external communication and is the first ticket for enterprises to enter the future era of IoT. ADSWORLD website building services allow for flexible expansion, support multi-screen adaptation, and integration with social media, providing businesses with more adaptable solutions for internet communication.